Discord adds Rich Presence Support

Discord the popular chat and messaging service for gamers is back with a new update which looks to add Rich Presence support. They did release a video related to this new feature which uses the oddest metaphor ever known to man but finish the video and it may make sense by the end.

if you are still stuck as to what this relates too they also did create an article which creates down the logic in a lot more details and without a single mention of cookies. You can read that article here

The basic idea is simple, it makes Discord far more aware and interactive with the user playing the game allowing your friends to spectate or jump into the game much easier – it’s Now Playing on drugs in a nutshell. In theory and depending on the game, it can include things like score, duration of play time, map, boss level – etc etc

Game developers looking to take advantage of the new features within their games can do so by following the information found here

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