Xbox Live Games With Gold For December 2017

This months Games with Gold is back for the month of December 2017 and as always you will require an Xbox gold subscription to avail of your free games

December 1st see’s Warhammer End Times – Vermintide introduced, if you happen to have an Xbox One X the great news here is this game has been enhanced with 4K support

Then from December 16th to January 15th you can grab the followup to the movies with Back to the Future – The Game. This is a great one if you happen to be a fan of Tell Tales game style and/or Back to the Future.

For the first part of December, the free offering is Child of Eden – amazing visuals and big beats, it’s certainly an interesting mix and one that has been used a few times in recent games arguably Child of Eden is where it all started.

And then on the 16th of December things get switched up with Marlow Biggs and the Mask of Death, shoot everything that moves sums up this game fairly well, but it’s a decent offering and doesn’t try to take its self all that series

So that’s your games with gold for December and it’s the first time we have listed them, should we continue to post them? What do you think of this months offering and more importantly who has the better offering this month? All this and more you can let us know in the comments

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