Tesla porting Unity and Unreal Engine

Elon Musk recently responded to a Tesla owner saying thanks for the release of Asteroid on the Tesla as he can now play games (asteroid) while parked up outside his kids school

Elon in typical style responded that more was to come once Unity had been ported

He then went on to suggest that further down the line racing titles needed to be added and the cars actual physical devices (steering wheel etc) would be used to control the game…

Then the next big bomb was

Which of course is the gaming engine owned by Epic Games, which in turn meant the Fortnite “must be ported” tweets started to pop up – although seems Elon is fine also having the calmer games like Roblox / Minecraft

This feels like Elon just pulling the strings of twitter followers (dance puppets dance) – porting one engine perhaps as Unity does power (as does Unreal to be fair) several popular games on Android and iOS but full fledged console / pc level games playable on the Tesla reads as unrealistic

noted you need to be parked to play would I’m guessing free’s up the computers processing power (and the whole pesky safety aspect)

So what do you think, is this Elon just goofing on his followers or is this a real thing ? I’m siding with “just a prank bro”