Fortnite: Creative 9.01 Changes

Who would have thought that creative mode would become the big part of the game it is now, death runs, mazes, puzzles, parkour you name it people have thought it up anyway thats about as good as an intro as you will be getting from me, new release new changes lets break them down!

So the Tactical Assault Rifle has filtered down into this game mode too, the summary suggests that because of it’s tight spread it’s a decent gun up close, personally I think it’s more a mid ranged weapon between the standard assault rifle and the SMG but each to own on that one.

The next big thing and probably the main thing for this game mode would be the introduction of new prefabs all focused around an apocalyptic theme – all in all you get 7 new themes as well as 3 new galleries so that should easily provide those that love to mess with this game mode plenty of new stuff to play with!



  • Tactical Assault Rifle
    • Available in Rare, Epic, and Legendary variants.
      • Fully Automatic
      • 30 Round Magazine
      • Deals 22/23/24 damage
      • Headshot Multiplier of 1.75x
      • This weapon has a tight spread in close quarters but is less effective at long range when compared to other Assault Rifles.


  • 7 New Themes
    • Ruined Shops
    • Ruined Twin Apartments
    • Ruined L Apartments
    • Ruined Red Apartments
    • Ruined Fish Apartments
    • Ruined Basketball Court
    • Ruined Clock Tower
  • 3 New Galleries
    • Ruined Floor Gallery
    • Ruined Wall Gallery
    • Scorched Gallery
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