Fortnite: Save The World 9.01 Changes

Save the World was included in the list of updates and I think by the time they got to STW they ran out of ideas and just added the oddest crap they could find. Think I’m joking? take a look at the new hero Izzy

Yeah have fun busting hump to get this one, STW did also get some stuff with “wargames simulation: Mist Pods (the blue thing at the top of this post) – seems like you have to find a bunch of pods before they spawn in mini-bosses – which I would guess its impossible to get them all before anything spawns so it’s more a horde control mode BUT the promise of loot payouts in the form of event tickets is hard to pass up!



  • New Wargames simulation: Mist Pods
    • Weed that garden, and by garden we mean your Storm Shield. Find and destroy those Mist Pods before they spawn Mini-bosses.
    • A new Wargames simulation means more chances for Event Tickets, a new player banner, and more variety to the Daily Quests.


  • We’ve added a new Hero to the Event store!
    • Prehistoric Izza, A new Dinosaur Constructor!
      • Standard Perk: Saurian Hide
        • While Shield is depleted, increases Armor by 33.
      • Commander Perk: Saurian Hide +
        • While Shield is depleted, increases Armor by 100.
      • Available in the Event Store on May 15 at 8 PM Eastern Time.


Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Crashes no longer occur when depositing BlueGlo at the top of a radar tower.
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