Fortnite 1.9 – Introduces Launch Pads

Fortnite 1.8.2 introduced The Bush and now Epic Games are back with a new change to the game which is likely to provide streamers of the game with some classic videos as you can now redeploy with the new Launch Pads

As always with Fortnite Changes we will break this post down into the big changes for both game modes along with the actual change log provided so here goes

Battle Royale Launch Pads

The Launch Pad is an interesting idea allowing any player to deploy it, it has unlimited uses i.e you and your entire squad can use it to fly across the map although it cannot be picked up and it can be destroyed it’s basically a trap although I didn’t see any mention of rarety for the new item

  • Once deployed, the Launch Pad can be triggered by any player and has unlimited uses.
  • It cannot be picked back up.
  • It can be destroyed like any other trap.

Save the World – Shotguns

OF course, the main game has not been forgotten with a big change as a new set of shotguns has been introduced and given the current shotguns I’m using I really need a few one. The new shotgun which can be found by wandering around the world and finding it or getting the schematics from a loot llama

  • Semi-Auto Shotgun – Uncommon
  • Charger – Rare
  • Stallion – Epic
  • Stampede – Legendary