PUBG New Desert Map & China Changes

Lots of news from Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds today one relating to the new desert map and the other regarding the upcoming release of the game in China

So Eurogamer is first on the list regarding the new map which looks and appears to have come a long way and is not all that far off from being ready for usage, the map itself which was discovered by a reddit user bizzfarts appears to come directly from the games files on the current test server and shows off a map with poorly translated spanish locations (according to Eurogamer).

Aside from the new map bizzfarts also managed to find 3 new weapons – Winchester 1894, a lever action rifle, Rhino, a revolver and a sawed-off double-barrel shotgun and hints and a flaregun being introduced.

Next up on the list comes from Engadget and they report that Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds will soon be playable in China, China as many will likely be aware has some unique laws relating to video games (and content in general) and based on the Engadget article the changes are significant. The local publisher for the game Tencent is quoted saying “(we will) make adjustments to content and make sure they accord with the socialist core values, Chinese traditional culture and moral rules”.

It wasn’t all that long ago that Reuters was reporting the above news and that the China felt the game was too violent (link on Engadget article)… however having a local publisher like Tencent is likely to aid Bluehole in getting the games into the hands of Chinese players which could help it build on it’s massive player base

A whole range of comments can come out of this article, for example, :

What do you think of the new map?

and the new guns? finally, any thoughts on game developers changing content to appease the Chinese market?

If you have any opinions on the above questions or PUBG in general, let us know in the comments!

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