Pokemon Go: Global Catch Challenge

The latest event from Niantic for its popular augmented reality game Pokemon Go is for lack of a better word a weird one. The event works on the basis of users going out and trying to catch 3 billion (you read that right) Pokemon and based on the amount caught, depends on what bonus the “community” gets

The next and largest part of the Pokemon Go raid changes comes from Eurogamer (source) and Forbes (source) the first of the two reporting the changes on the raid bosses (and with some level of depth, acknowledgement and a little bewilderment at some of the changes) and Forbes pointing to the Silth road data mining exploits and listing the boss changes

The event which started on the 20th of November and lasts until the 26th of November requires users to catch 3 billion Pokémon, yes, we literally have to catch them all and based on what occurs during that event dictates what we get

However in the event that massive mark is not met we get some other benefits which kick in at the 500 million mark

  • Bronze: 500 M catches
  • double XP, 6 hour Lures
  • Silver: 1.5 B catches
  • double Stardust, double XP, 6 hour lures
  • Gold: 3 B catches
  • double Stardust, double XP, 6 hour lures
  • Farfetch’d available worldwide for 48 hours
  • Kangashkan available in East Asia for 48 hours

The event details are covered in a news article on VideoGamer and covered in massive details as per usual on Pokemon Go Hub but the gist of the event is simple, catch a lot, get a reward

The event in my own opinion is a little braindead and lacking in imagination, the halloween event this year which much like the previous year allbeit a little watered down was a decent event with some decent incentives on specific Pokemon this one just literally goes my the tagline of Pokemon of gotta catch em all and if you don’t live in East Asia (I don’t) then the Kangashkan become unappealing likewise Farfetch’d (which I have NEVER SEEN despite living in S.E.A) is handy in the sense of I may be able to finally catch a Pokemon that as far as I’m concerned should be within my regions of exclusives anyway

This post likely reads as coming off salty as I don’t really play the game in the community way I often play with a friend or on my own while going from point A to point B and sometimes I wander out during decent events to boost my numbers for Pokemon I have been working on slowly but this event just smells like a goal to boost and show of numbers and offers very little benefit at a very large requirement to get to the highest level

It reminds me of the first woeful live event Niantic put on that ended up with some logic where people outside of the event effect those inside the event’s bonus … a community is cool and all but at least in my opinion they are pushing the boundaries of whats expected from players of the game

However that’s only my opinion and it’s not a very well formulated one as I wrote this article at 2 am so let me know what you think in the comments below is this a good event? will you be smashing those catch rates?

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