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Forgiveness is an escape room style of an adventure game, with a twist, you take a test it tells you what sins you are guilty of then the fun begins as you enter a room design and environment with trials that change accordingly.

The Story

You have lived your life in sin and now you can’t escape the punishment of “God”. You wake up, in an unfamiliar room where the enigmatic Dr. Benjamin Smith has trapped you to test your worthiness to stand his judgment ‒ The man believes himself a god and wants to bring his own form of justice to the world. 

Will you be punished or will you earn Forgiveness?

Key Features

  • Two levels of challenge: Normal, for a more relaxed play style, and Extreme, with only 30 minutes to escape the room!
  • After you complete your personal room, You can try all the other rooms. Simply click the button “Choose a sin” in the main menu to hop on a new room.
  • Explore the rich environments and examine clues to solve the intricate puzzles.
  • An evocative soundtrack tailored to the themes and the sins depicted by each room.
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