Paladins 1.4 – Dragons Call 4v4

Paladins is with a new update and it includes a lot, a lot, a lot! of changes across the board, most of the changes at least on the announcement post focus on two main factors the Dragon’s Call game mode and The Vault.

This is not to say changes have not happened elsewhere, in fact, there are so many changes I had to change my mouse batteries in mid-scroll… 

The new event obviously as is called Dragons Call and is a 4v4 event which requires you and your team to carry a key into the opposing team’s vault 4 times for victory. 

Victory leads to rewards and bragging rights, the rewards we will note below! 

The Rules

  • First Team to 4 Points wins
  • 15 Minute Time Limit
  • If the timer runs out before either team unlocks 3 seals, the team with the most points wins.
  • If the score is tied, the last team to touch the Key Sphere wins.

Key Sphere Carrier

  • The Key Sphere carrier cannot use any abilities except
    • Primary Fire: Throw Key Sphere
    • Alt-Fire: Drop Key Sphere
  • The player cannot be healed
  • The player is revealed to all enemies
  • If the carrier dies, the Key Sphere will drop at their location
  • If the Key Sphere is unattended, it will reset back to the middle after 10 seconds


Each Seal unlocked by your team in Dragon’s Call progresses the event reward track. Unlock 60 seals to earn everything!

  • 5 Points: 10,000 Gold
  • 10 Points: 20,000 Gold
  • 15 Points: 30,000 Gold
  • 20 Points: Tranquility, Inara MVP Pose
  • 25 Points: Dragon’s Gauntlet Spray
  • 30 Points: Flametongue Avatar
  • 35 Points: Serpentine, Kinessa MVP Pose
  • 40 Points: Punch Out, Ash Emote
  • 45 Points: Coldfire, Animated Spray
  • 50 Points: Snack Time, Animated Avatar
  • 55 Points: Show Stopper, Evie Roaming Emote
  • 60 Points: Skylord Seal Deathstamp

Dragons Call Bundle

Purchase the Dragon’s Call Bundle to unlock three new event exclusive skins, plus gain access to the Vault where you can unlock another exclusive skin of your choice! You’ll also double your Seals earned for the rewards track, unlock 3 other new event exclusive cosmetics. Players who purchase the Dragon’s Call bundle will be given all reward track items they failed to earn at the end of the event.

The Dragon’s Call Bundle costs 1200 Crystals and contains:

  • 3 Epic Skins
    • Sha Lin – Outlaw
    • Moji – Dragonborn
    • Khan – Overlord
  • 1 Vault Key (Unlocks another Epic Skin!)
  • Warder’s Loading Frame
  • Pacify, Legendary 3D Spray
  • Dragon Baller, Legendary Title
  • Ancient Idol (Doubles your Dragon’s Call reward track progress)

There is so much more missing from this particular update and as a none diehard to the Paladins the game itself it’s all a little over my head as to what’s important and what not, but either way you can and should check out the official release posted on the Paladins website!

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