Fortnite 2.2.0: Battle Royale Map Update

As noted in the previous Fortnite release (Fortnite 2.1.0 The Cozy Campfire Arrives) a new map or more precise a map update was promised for Fornite which would provide more areas, fill out some of the dead zones and provide more competitive gameplay.

While nearly every Fortnite YouTuber has put the ‘new map update’ or related in their live streams as yet most if not all haven’t played it due to it not being out yet but the Fortnite team have arrived with 2.2.0 which looks to save us from all the click bate

But wait! There is more! The new release doesn’t just bring in a new map, no no, it also brings an end (finally) to the Christmas event (not the season, just the Christmas event) so you can expect the Christmas bulbs and seasonal related stuff to go away and be replaced by the usual green and brown that is of course unless you play the Save The World game mode (i do) and the event has been extended here until January 24th which for Save the World players is a good thing, make sure you finish the event and cash in those Christmas tickets as they if history tells us anything, they won’t be transferred to Llama loot or the next event’s tickets.

The final big change comes for those that use the voice chat as you can now talk in the pre-game lobby which should (at least in my case) allow a little time to plan a strategy with those randoms filling your squad

So new map coming tomorrow January 18th, Christmas event extended on Save the World, ending on Battle Royale and voice chat in pre-game lobbies. One big, huge change will be sneaking in and that’s friendly fire being disabled in the new update, Epic does stress in their changelog that they want feedback on this. In my view, if it stops me being team killed I’m all for it.

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