Fortnite: Save the World 9.30 CONTENT UPDATE #2 PATCH

As is the case with all our Fortnite updates of late we break them down into 3 posts based on the particular game modes as most Battle Royale players have zero interest in what’s happening in Save the World and Save the World certainly have no interest in Battle Royale and Creative is the oddball that everyone has a little interest in but not to the point of obsessive.

Above you will find links to the various posts specific to this release and if you get stuck let us know in the comments or in the forums.

So what’s new in Save the World, oddly quite a lot has changed but nothing that will wow you too much unless like me you were a huge fan of the boom bow which oddly made its debut in the battle royale mode rather than being ironed out in STW but it is what it is and its nice to see this versatile weapon make its way to Save the World. The boom bow can be earned by taking part in the 14 days of summer quest i.e complete items in the quest to unlock the bow.

Aside from the boom bow we also say sup? to two new heroes Star and Stripes Jonesy and Patriot Penny, Penny can be found in the weekly store while Jonesy is part of the 14 days of summer specifically the light em up quest.

Aside from the new War Games offering called “Meltdown” that about covers Save the World – let us know what you think in the comments/forums and of course the full changelog can be found on the next page.

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