garry’s mod July 2019 Update

The last update to garry’s mod was way back in April, which isn’t all that long ago really but it’s nice to see the still heavily played and classic ‘game’ is still getting lots of updates and it is a lot this time so a quick breakdown before the changelog reads like so!

The Half Life: Source weapons which were already in the game can now be accessed via the Spawn menu, as per the official release notes it does require that you do own Half Life: Source and have it installed via Steam.

A benefit of this update means as the official post puts it “weapons were given proper art pass treatment – third person animations, models and all effects included”

Other changes include improvements to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map support being improved, the main benefit of this being less shiny maps and physics gun and bullets no longer and I quote “hitting the air”.

A massive array of changes, bug fixes, API improvements all exist in this release but the changelog is so big they broke it down into 3 so check out the original post here on the garry’s mod blog … oh and the game is 75% off too as part of Steam’s summer sale.

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