Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

One of the most interesting games of this year has finally landed and it’s out on steam on release day, Wolfenstein II picks up right where the last one left off and in this interesting take on an alternate timeline it holds nothing back at all.

Wolfenstein II comes in two flavours one with the season pass and one without so if you are just a casual player looking to get into the game with no interest in further content as yet – get the regular edition otherwise the deluxe is the one for you, of you, course you can purchase the season pass later on but the combined cost of standard + season pass is greater than that of the deluxe edition which comes with the season pass .. hence not a too bad idea -unlike my previous rant on Assassin’s Creed Origins 3 editions which have varied content – I don’t mind this one too much.

As is becoming the trend we tend to like to mention the min specs for the game in questions and this one comes in at AMD FX-8350/Rizen 5 1400 or i5 3570/i7 3770 on the CPU side of things, the usual 8GB of ram GTX770 or an R9 290 both with 4GB and a scary 55GB of disk space required

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