GTA V Title Update 1.47

So to suggest that the 1.47 update is a small one would be a touch wrong, the folks over at Rockstar have clearly put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this release in particular – perhaps without the blood aspect and hopefully they have air conditioning that would help with the sweat issues… I’m getting sidetracked here .. it’s a big release!

So let’s start with the most annoying part of this release! If you are a fan of the Story Mode – you received two bug fixes, one related to the railgun the other related to movie cinema tickets – no new update, no new DLC… nothing.

Online users however rejoice and rejoice hard the Diamond Casino and Resort is now open and with it a whole new world of possible money making methods or more than likely money-losing efforts.. its a casino after all and as the old saying goes “the house always wins”

Aside from the Diamond Casino and Resort which comes with the new Penthouse, new Casino story missions, Freemode missions, and new arcade games as well as the playing card collectibles and the probably hundreds of other new things the Casino brings to the table we do get some new vehicles, 7 of them in fact! GTA Series Videos have already put some good videos together which shows off the new vehicles and also details how to get the Enus Paragon Armoured version which is mission-related to check out their videos

In the event you wanted to give your character a new look, well shit 400 new clothing items have been added that will be on sale with weekly rotation – that 400 number also accounts for penthouse artwork for when you want to spend 200k for something that sits on a wall.

New races have been added, new six-player actions, shadow boxing being probably the one I would go for, new objectives and of course new awards – 11 of them for you completionists out there. The sheer volume of updates in this … update would make for a much longer article when breaking down each aspect of the update, for example, the ghosted mode now can kick in at 2 kills rather than 3, passive mode has a 5-minute cooldown now and well just tons of stuff – the changelog is on the next page of this article but let us know what you think of this update and we will try to break things down a little more in the official GTA group let us know what your favorite new thing about this update is in the comments

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