The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition

a missed opportunity

The world of gaming has been evolving very rapidly recently with the Epic Games Store trying to take down old faithful that is Steam, the PlayStation 5 has been confirmed and looks like (at least on paper) it’ll be a bit of a beast, the rumours swirling about the Nintendo Switch updated revisions and the whole game streaming as a service that basically everyone is trying to crack including Nvidia, Sony, apple and a heap more companies.

Most if not all of that is juicy news and when Microsoft confirmed an all-digital Xbox One S people were initially interested, what’s involved, how will it work, what will it look like and then we got to see it in all its lacklustre glory… an Xbox One S with the physical media drive removed and replaced by a plastic cover without the slit for the drive and $50 cheaper… that was it. Obviously, the goal Microsoft had was to release a “new revision” of the Xbox without pouring in a ton of money and they clearly managed that as all they really had to produce was a bit of plastic. 

It feels like more could have been done here – the all-digital edition has a huge gaping hole where the drive used to be when you pop it open which suggest that if the engineers had been brought in that could have easily tweaked the design and brought the size of this device down even further than it is, this could have been a real game changer a small device around the size of a mac mini that does everything a regular Xbox does without the physical media being present.

Now a lot of people will object to owning one of these for the simple reason they prefer to have physical copies of games either for collection purposes or for when it’s time to sell on the console it has much more sell on value due to the number of games that it comes with, this is clearly not an option for all digital devices as most people will not want to hand over an account and probably the email address that it’s tied too (as who would buy a device knowing that some idiotic can just change the password a week or so later and take back all his/her games)

However as a secondary device for an office or gaming on the go this could have been something special but Microsoft opted to cash in on existing stock and robbed the world of what could have been the first really good all-digital machine … that and the stupid idea of adding a 1TB slow ass mechanical drive into the mix was just a complete stupid idea.

That all said I fully expect Microsoft to announce better than average sales because those of us still with the original Xbox may see it as a slightly cheaper thus worthwhile upgrade, I myself will not be one of those not because I’m against all digital devices but because I can just pay the small amount extra and get the blue ray drive….

oh and they have some of the regional Xbox Youtube channels unbox the thing…

I guess the idea was they would note how clean the front was and point out it came with 3 free games, all of which are part of game pass anyway.