Should you use a Third-Party Dock on your Switch?

Probably not

I rarely wander into the realms of Reddit, it’s a scary place filled with many ways to lose many hours looking at oddly entertaining and sometimes outright weird items however today was one of those days when I was scrolling away just randomly browsing and I stumbled (notification prompted me) across a trending post on the Nintendo Switch Reddit.

So I thought I would give it a quick glance over to see what the gist of the topic was then carry on about my day, however, the topic was so well broken down and detailed with technical points that it did raise a lot of questions in regards to Nintendo and 3rd party adapters and devices.

I strongly suggest if you are a Switch owner with a 3rd (Third) party dock (not from Nintendo) or you are considering purchasing a none Nintendo dock that you give the original article a good read.

For the unaware a heap of 3rd party docks has been introduced for the Nintendo Switch from various manufacturers – the reason why so many people are purchasing these docks usually falls into the realm of the official dock costs way, way more, which is usually the case for official items.

A quick look around and you might find one for £100 (GBP) on Amazon with free delivery, compared to say a Nyko one – which is “called out” in the article/post which comes it around £50-60 (GBP) depending on where you shop.

The problem with these third party docks appears to be related to a specific chip which is not used in third party docks more so because many are not using PD Controllers to ensure your rather expensive gaming device is being looked after which often eventually leads to a bricked Switch.

This, as you can clearly read from the way I wrote about it, is all about my head in terms of the technical aspects but the simple message seems to be that unless it’s from Nintendo you could be playing a waiting game with your expensive Nintendo Switch due to an inexpensive accessory.

Now, of course, the comments on the article comments went into debate what docks work, which ones do not but based on the original post – if you are really insistent on a third-party dock, do your homework, reach out to manufacturers for clarification and even head to places like r/NintendoSwitch to ask other users how their experience was with the dock(s) of interest

Also maybe annoy Nintendo for some better pricing on accessories as right now it’s really expensive to accessorize officially with the Switch!

So the obvious question for our readers would be, do you currently use a third-party dock? Have you had issues with a dock bricking your Nintendo Switch? Let us know that and more down in the comments.

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