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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – 2.0.3 Release

Warhammer: Vermintide came under some pressure recently when several changes to the game were introduced in the 2.0.x release, the recent patches have been focused on trying to balance player wants from the pre-2.0 release with the 2.0 release changes.

In the comments, it’s also been suggested that some of the official changelogs may not be correct and apparently, the benchmarking option has been removed – neither of these has been confirmed by ourselves but if you have the game and can confirm such please do so int he comments!

The official steam page posted the following…

We wanted to get some changes in which we hope bring a bit more of that classic weapon feel to the difficulty settings you’re accustomed to prior to patch 2.0. Putting some weight behind your strikes is an important part of the combat systems in Vermintide 2, and we can appreciate that a few of the adjustments in the 2.0 patch were removing a big part of that. 

Warhammer: Vermintide official steam page.


  • Fixed a hardlock on Weave 31 which was hindering progression. 
  • In some situations the Activated Ability bar would appear to be unfilled, yet the ability was available for use, we have fixed this so that the bar represents the true state in such situations. 
  • Fixed an issue where Olesya’s VO was incorrectly synched betweeen host and client(s)
  • Magic Barrels should now explode when thrown (after having taken damage) as expected. 
  • Fixed an issue in Horn of Magnus where enemies could spawn beneath the final elevator during the escape sequence. 
  • Fixed an issue where enemies spawned with the Standard Bearer could spawn in locations too far from the Standard Bearer
  • Fixed an issue where Rasknitt could be stunlocked by multiple pulls from Salty’s Billhook.
  • Fixed an issue where the Slayer Leap could be aimed through blocker volumes, causing you to at times be stuck in the air. A side effect of this fix is also that you shouldn’t be able to jump off a cliff to your death anymore.
  • Fixed an issue on Life/Ghyran Weaves where expired thorn brambles would be visible and non-functioning for hot-joining players.
  • Upgrade/Unlock texts are now properly displayed and do no longer get truncated in Athanor menu.
  • Dark Omens: Re-opened hole in mountain for the alternate path that was previously accidentally sealed up
  • Dark Omens: Fixes ambush event getting stuck occasionally
  • Fixed an issue where “prestige” levels, or progress toward new levels after 35 doesn’t show in the hero view.
  • Fixed an issue where the end state wouldn’t animate the experience bar after hitting level 35.
  • Fixed various crashes.


  • Changed the behaviour when using Sienna Unchaineds Living Bomb skill while doing any action. Previously using the skill while doing an action would make you revert to an idle animation after the detonate animation was done but keeping the weapon action going. Now the detonate animation will not play if you are already in a weapon action.
  • If you do not own Winds of Magic, the lobby browser should now correctly show that weave matches are unavailable.
  • Subtitles are now visible in cutscenes.
  • Dark Omens: Added Minotaur to end the event on Champion difficulty and above.

You can find the complete release announcement here on the official steam page. The game is currently also on sale with 75% off

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