Rust to sunset Linux versions

So Rust has opted to pretty much drop Linux support and it’s not the first but unlike many other large games where a wall is put up in regards to the why, Facepunch specifically Gary Newman has confirmed the reasons why and it’s hard to argue with the logic.

Linux has always had a bumpy road with gaming due to many reasons but in the last decade big steps have been taken to change that with the likes of SteamOS becoming reality, Linux GPU drivers being delivered in a timely manner, better framework support however those steps while big in Linux were always tiptoeing behinds other distributions.

The case for Facepunch seems to boil down to 3 factoring supports, Linux is not used in house, cheaters playground and the numbers are not great, you can give the original post here a read over, it’s a decent read unless you are a Linux Rust player in which case it probably leaves you scratching your head yet again.

Much worse than this, of course, is beyond Rust, Facepunch has confirmed they will not be supporting any further games on the platform as they cannot and will not be able to support the game properly.

IF you are a Rust Linux player you may be wondering, what’s next for me then? Well a plan has been laid out in the post and it goes like so:

Our plan as of today is this

  • Linux and Win/Mac will split.
  • The Win/Mac versions will update as normal and will be able to play on the same servers.
  • The Linux version won’t receive new features
  • The Linux version will have its own dedicated server and won’t be able to join Win/Mac servers.
  • The Linux version will get maintenance patches
  • The Linux server for Win/Mac builds will be available as normal
  • This will happen on 5th September
  • Don’t make Linux versions of any future games because we can’t/won’t properly support it

if you are unfamiliar with Rust I would suggest checking out Welyn’s channel on youtube, he produces some excellent narratives based on his gameplays in various Rust servers.

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