Xbox One X official commercial

Microsoft is getting ready for the Christmas period with the launch of the Xbox One X a revision of the Xbox One which brings native 4k and specifications bump to the already well-established console.

Throughout the week they have been dropping snippet videos with tag titles like “Goosebumps” “veins” “Dilate” and of course “Gasp” but the full commercial has now dropped and we can all expect some heavy marketing from both the XBox One X end of things but also the PlayStation Pro who are both competing to real in Nintendo’s surprising sales surge (which combine’s the Switch and DS sales)

The commercial itself which you can watch above, is set to Kanye’s West’s POWER and shows off some of the biggest titles on Xbox – all of which of course are already confirmed to be coming in 4k for the Xbox One X which lands on November 7th.

The biggest question posed by many is not so much whom will get it but will those with existing Xbox One’s (original or S) consider upgrading to the latest iteration – so commenters that’s for you if you own another platform, has the Xbox one X swayed you into considering switching and for those with he Xbox One do you plan to upgrade? Finally thoughts on the commercial – does did it do enough to peak interest ?

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