Nintendo Switch Revisions

Nintendo are not above releasing improved/revised versions of existing hardware devices in fact it’s become soft of the norm for an initial release, a slim release of sorts and now in the past year or so the “pro releases” which of course for the current beed of consoles came in the form of the Xbox One , Xbox One S, Xbox One X (and if you want to count it the stupid all digital edition) while on the Sony side of things we had the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Pro

Nintendo historically have also released revisions too with the N64 having at least 19 versions and the DS, 3DS line just littered with special editions. The 3DS and the likes always have seen hardware improvements with it’s revisions unlike the likes of the N64 and to a degree the DS which were cosmetic changes and given that the Switch is a handheld device something Nintendo do very well (gameboy, DS, 3DS) some big improvements could be made and Gamespot have broken down some of what we could expect in the next revision(s) of the Nintendo Switch – heads up if you visit the Gamespot site make sure you have the volume turned down – they love to just pop some random crap video up while you’re reading to read an article.

So according to Gamespot via the Wall Street Journal two new Nintendo Switch models are expected to be released with one version being a toned down version (2DS?) and the other being a hyped up version (Switch Pro?) the idea behind this is probably to have the original fall between the two pricing wise allowing most everyone the option to go out and get the device (gaming for the masses)

Although no details have been gone into about what will be added, removed or changes up the only things mentioned are the controllers wont have a vibration motor and possibly the switch won’t come with the dock – although will remain compatible with it – Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said, “As a general rule, we’re always working on new hardware and we will announce it when we are able to sell it.” which neither confirms nor denies that a new revision is on its way but Nintendo does see the Switch as the successor to the 3DS so is likely to release the usual special editions of the device regardless of hardware revisions.

So the questions here would be:

  1. does the switch need to be made better /worse?
  2. would you be interested in a cheaper yet watered down version
  3. if a Pro version is on its way what would you like to see introduced, what would make it a real pro edition?
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