PlayStation 5: What we know so far

Most if not all we know about the PlayStation 5 comes from Wired’s interview with Mark Cerny which can be found here:

  • Ray Tracing will be a thing on the PlayStation 5 – This is relatively “new” to the PC market but PlayStation will be pushing ray tracing to bring in new photorealistic graphics.
  • hugely improved audio – although no specifics were confirmed.
  • the PlayStation 5 will be using some form of SSD (solid state drive) which will dramatically improve read/write times (game load times). According to the interview cited above the drive will be something much quicker than anything currently on the market.
  • Backwards compatible with PlayStation 4 titles – this is seemingly due to an evolution of hardware meaning the PS4 and PS5 are built on a similar architecture – no mention of PS3, PS2 or PSX support.
  • The PlayStation 5 will be pushing digital media it will ship with a physical drive so physical media will still be a thing.
  • The PS:VR will be compatible with the PlayStation 5 so should not require an additional purchase of a new VR device. Although it was hugely hinted at that a new version that will reduce the amount of wired in the PSVR will require – possibly the PS:VR+
  • The PlayStation 5 will support 8k
  • The PlayStation 5 will not be cheap but will not be stupidly expensive (current estimates suggest around $500
  • The PlayStation 5 development kit has shipped to a good deal of developers however it will not be released in 2019 with a guesstimated date of mid 2020 being a possible realistic date for the new console.

Sony recently held a corporate event which basically look at Playstation (PS4, services, VR, Networking) and where it’s going in the future, of course the Playstation 5 is expected to be a big part of that future and a good few details were further cemented some we already knew, some expanding further on the details I took a few screenshots from the presentation but you can find the original on Sonys site here

If we missed anything let us know and remember to cite sources and we’ll update the post to include it.

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