Transmitters and Receivers

A new island has arrived, Canyon Island which is a desert themed canyon with a river running through the middle, perhaps one of the most interesting items would be Transmitters and Receivers.

It would appear that the goal is to bring in some new levels of action/reaction (events) to Creative mode which will bribg creatives a huge array of new options.

Transmitters and Receivers

Trigger an explosion off of a coin, drop a barrier when a player strikes a target and so much more! This is just the beginning as many more options and devices will be enabled over the next few updates.

Storm Device on the other hand could be an interesting one for speeding things up as map creators will not be able to “release the power of the storm” and based on the comments more ways are coming to “channel the storm”

Storm Device

Now you can release the power of the Storm to challenge your players to their limits.  Expect more ways to channel the Storm in later releases.

Finally what is a Creative update without new prefabs – this time around we get prefabs that match the new island from Pueblo theme

Pueblo Theme

Build a desert town with the new Pueblo prefabs and galleries. Pairs great with the new Canyon Island.

Another billion changes have been made which you can read up on in the changes history on the next page.

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