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Joolo is a gaming related forum focusing on the latest news, trailers and of course hunting down the best deals on the internet.

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  • Deals
    Who doesn't like saving money? Games are an ever-growing cost and while you do need to "pay to play" you don't always have to play top price and that's where these forums come in finding the best deals for games, hardware and everything in between on the internet.
    72 discussions 2 comments Most recent: Epic Mega Sale by Krisstoffer on 3:49AM
  • News
    All the interesting (and sometimes not so interesting) news from around the gaming world including but not limited to game releases, new hardware releases, software updates and random (but still gaming related) stuff.
    105 discussions -2 comments Most recent: Molecats is now on Xbox One by Krisstoffer on May 18
  • Videos
    This category as its name suggests would be for videos only mostly trailers and gameplay (trailers) but the odd developer update and other video does sneak in from time to time.
    216 discussions 0 comments Most recent: Steam Client Beta update by Krisstoffer on May 18
  • Off Beat
    gaming related discussion board but for those alternatives discussions that don't quite fit anywhere else, you may even find the odd attempt at an editorial in here too.
    RSS Feed 2 discussions 1 comment Most recent: The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition - a missed opportunity by Krisstoffer on May 14
  • Generic Forums
    The usual generic forums, off topic, television/movies music etc these are more or less forums that are unrelated to the gaming side of things.
    2 discussions 0 comments Most recent: Social Profiles on Profile! by Krisstoffer on May 15