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All the interesting (and sometimes not so interesting) news from around the gaming world including but not limited to game releases, new hardware releases, software updates and random (but still gaming related) stuff.

Category List

  • Software
    Software the thing that makes that juicy hardware actually work, but software has come a long, long way in recent times with things like Discord allowing near clear voice chat while gaming, game recording stuff like OBS allowing streamers to record those 360-no-scope-underwater-upside-down-inverted-headshots in near perfect clariry.
    RSS Feed 2 discussions 0 comments Most recent: Unreal Engine 4.20 Preview 1 by Krisstoffer on May 8
  • Hardware
    Hardware has come a long way from the basic days of things like the Atari or my first beastly machine the Amstrad CPC, today's hardware is popping out billions if not trillions of pixels with insane levels of details and as such, they make for great news and debate!
    RSS Feed 4 discussions 0 comments Most recent: Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled PS4 console Bundle Released by Krisstoffer on May 14
  • Games
    Games make this site spin and spin it does, everything from upcoming releases, rumours, updates, downloadable content (DLC) and how sonic still doesn't look quite right.
    RSS Feed 93 discussions 1 comment Most recent: Molecats is now on Xbox One by Krisstoffer on May 18
  • Other News
    Other News is pretty much code for we have no idea where to put this as it's news but it doesn't really fit anywhere else.
    RSS Feed 6 discussions 0 comments Most recent: Microsoft & Sony team up over Azure Cloud by Krisstoffer on May 17