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This category as its name suggests would be for videos only mostly trailers and gameplay (trailers) but the odd developer update and other video does sneak in from time to time.

Category List

  • Developer Updates
    Developers have an excellent way of getting out of work, in which they take time away from work to talk about the work they have usually already completed or by doing commentary based interviews/responding to feedback ... all to our benefit of course! (we love you really devs!)
    RSS Feed 3 discussions 0 comments Most recent: Official Sea of Thieves Developer Update: May 15th 2019 by Krisstoffer on May 16
  • Gameplay
    Gameplay videos are often just trailers with actual gameplay included in them but we separate them out as showing the actual gameplay in a trailer vs showing a set of cut scenes really can make the difference between "I want it" and actually buying it
    RSS Feed 20 discussions 0 comments Most recent: Super Neptunia RPG - Gameplay Trailer by Krisstoffer on May 17
  • Trailers
    Trailers are the biggest hype tool in any game publishers arsenal and a good trailer can get the gaming juices flowing - other trailers, of course, are incredibly misleading but alas we enjoyed them nonetheless.
    RSS Feed 193 discussions 0 comments Most recent: Steam Client Beta update by Krisstoffer on May 18