We have an annoying act of only tracking our changes to the site in repositories and project management tools but not relaying that information down to our community which has (more than once!) come to bite us in the ass.

When it was decided that "version 2.0.0" of the site would be started one thing that kept coming up was the relay of information, should we do long boring blog posts? Our previous site didn't have a blog so this was new territory for Joolo besides having a blog we could have easily relayed information via numerous other channels including social but never got around too it... The debate raged with no real outcome logical until it was decided that we would note all major changes in one single page and if memory and time permit we would summarize and reference in a blog.

So if you managed to read all that above, you now know why we have this little changes page, still better than Watch Dogs storyline...

10 Mar 2018

Version 2.0.0

Version 2.0.0 of the site is started and the next 3 months are spent pretty much in researching, a lot, a lot of gaming news is not posted but small loss for a future big gain I hope.

10 Mar 2018

01 Jun 2018

Importing the Data

Key data (articles) from the old site start to get imported, due to some technical problems and a desire to get it done right.. this is all done manually so it takes forever...

27 Jul 2018


A few changes over the old site have been applied for example we now have divided the news up a little more
  • Games
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Other
On the previous site these all lives in simple "news" however brains did overcome and a new organizational method was applied to the existing one which is already way-way over the top (from the old site)

Another new item not found on the old site is our new news tips option allowing you to submit your stories to us.

A lot of work (free time) has been put into trying to make this site click together like magic without it being a burden ... if it all works as I hope then a massive library of information is created over time by simply writing articles, if only I had thought of doing this much earlier 

27 Jul 2018

28 Jul 2018

Support, Team, Donation pages

A lot of new content has been added today, technically it's the 28th but this is all roll over from the 27th work. Anyhow, we now have a new team page, an about us page which took far too long to write, a donation page which took forever as it kept sounding like I'm begging for money... I like money but not enough to beg for it. 

So much more but it's 3 am and I'm shutting down now .. somehow this site changes area turned into a microblog.

04 Aug 2018

Forums Up / Forums Broken

The forums went live a couple of days ago and somehow have already managed to get broken - so yay for that.

A choice was made today to clean up some of the content rather than just import it try fix a few of the many hundreds of typos, fix up or replace the images and try to make news posts less video related and save that for the trailers... all in all it's been a lot of redoing and nothing new added

04 Aug 2018

09 Aug 2018

Endless Fiddling

The site is still having data imported from the old site (current at the time of writing) to the new one which is all being done manually just to ensure nothing weird on unwanted creeps in. Importing manually isn't ideal, it takes time and effort but it does offer a small opportunity to clean things up along the way.

Aside from importing a few posts have been put up on the forums just to stem the tide of silence on the site and social media channels so far they have performed quite nicely I just hope that when I do get to work on this and only this site the articles put out will be of a much higher quality with little to no problematic issues with the site that push me back from writer to developer (again) 

Today I also added the basics for the blog, the blog will pretty much pick up the bulk of what this page is going at present in terms of communication with this page being dumbed down to a milestones type of setup.

Finally! Yes, it's been a busy day or two! The entire import process initially was bringing down the articles hits which in the end I opted to simply zero them out so all the original articles will start at a 0 hits count which means scary fun time ahead but the old stuff will likely not gather any traction allowing the new stuff to get a grip on the site - I'm also blindly hoping that all the links are still working and that I have not broken anything significant and that on the day this site goes live all just clicks into place.. lots of hopes I know! 

12 Aug 2018

Johnny 5 is Alive

Site officially goes live and! As is always the case something that works perfectly fine in development fails horribly on the live site... damn gremlins

12 Aug 2018

13 Aug 2018

Trailers is now Videos

The trailers menu item (main menu) is now Videos and trailers is now a subsection of videos, meaning we can now introduce more media from external providers such as interviews, gameplay (which are technically still trailers in many cases) live streams etc etc ...

24 Aug 2018

Keeping up is hard

So last week I wrote the first "real" blog post on the site, it was a little less writing a lot more reading and researching, however, I am very happy with the result - more so because it did get a little attention and for a short time (curse you fortnite releases) was the top read article on the new site. 

Beyond the post, however, I have been doing my best to try to keep up, GamesCon is happening ... NOW and I'm making zero effort to cover the event, mostly because I don't see anything big being announced most publishers have pretty much put their cards down on the table already with what releases they are kicking out.

The reason I'm not covering GamesCon is simple, I'm trying to get some basic editing flow into place, so far it's been a challenge but it's starting to get a little easier tho I will openly admit to adding a touch of automation (fetches data, but not at a quality level worthy to be published) .. it basically saves around 15 minutes of fiddling when putting things together.. and thats it .. oh and 3 new articles in the FAQ section and the comments are probably going back to disqus .. watch this space tho 

24 Aug 2018

27 Aug 2018

Mobile Cleanup

The mobile view has been a pain since launch, the search looked out of place and the account options just didn't click so a more simple approach was taken removing most of the crud from the mobile view - tablet users will need to let me know if they want some of these items back, although at the moment the assumption is most people will fall into the mobile view by default anyway.