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Strategy Simulation Bundle

Humble Bundle are back again with another offering with the Humble Strategy Simulator Bundle, as always you get several tiers of offerings and for those unaware Humble Bundle is charity driven so you buy games and give to charity without the harassment of a door knock or the need to leave the house.

As always with Humble Bundle, you have 3 tiers of purchase with rising up in cost with each offering adding more to your bundle.

Tier one which is pay what you want contains:

  • Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville
  • SimplePlanes
  • Out of the Park Baseball 18

Tier two which requires you to pay more then the average of $5.62 contains:

  • Mad Games Tycoon
  • Plague Inc: Evolved
  • Train Simulator 2017

The final tier which is $10 or more contains

  • Cities: Skylines Deluxe Edition

All in all a decent bundle and I can only speak for my house but Cities Skylines and Plague Inc: Evolved have more than the 52ish hour's average play time the games have between them. You can find this bundle here

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