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As per the official PlayStation Twitter account, Dying Light: The Following )enhanced edition) can be nabbed from the official PlayStation store for 20% off. So if you are a fan of zombies parkkour, crafting weapons of infinite destruction then it may be up your alley and worth a look - details below.

Another free offering from Humble Bundle and like most free offerings it has a limited time of 48 hours so grab it while you can as fast as you can and given that Humble Bundle has a charity focus, have a look around, see what else is on offer and maybe pick up a few other items (I grabbed the Simulation Bundle).

Humble Bundle is on fire recently with yet another free game offering, this time around it's the hybrid game that combines Tower Defense and First Person Shooters, the game is fast based and tons of fun. You can grab the game from Humble Bundle for free for the next 24 hours from the time of this being posted, it would have been 48 but I slept in hence the post is late

Klei Entertainment an independent games studio coming out of Canada, Vancouver to be exact currently have a sale on via Steam offering up-to 75% off across its numerous titles

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