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Greetings! Our current site is somewhat new and while we hope you don't find any issues IF you do let us know via twitter @JooloNET or drop us an email [email protected] Classic Adventure Games up to 75% off! have published an article related to their latest weekend sale which will last until The Weekend Sale lasts until May 13th, 10PM UTC.

a quick look at a small number of the titles includes:

Codename: ICEMAN (40% off @ $3.59)

Unforeseen Incidents (33% off @ $13.39)

Lamplight City (25% off @ $11.24)

Heart of China (25% off @ $4.49)

King's Quest 1+2+3 (50% off @ $4.99) 

King's Quest 4+5+6 (50% off @ $4.99) 

King's Quest 7+8 (50% @ $4.99) 

and many many more titles which can be found here:

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