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Outer Wilds will be an Epic Store timed exclusive

Outer Wilds has been reported to be an Epic Games timed exclusive by several vendors including IGN, PC Gamer and a few others that I'm too lazy to link too. This initially reads like just another win for the Epic Games store getting themselves another exclusive (the game will make it's way to other platforms (we assume this includes steam at a later date)

IGN even went as far as to say:

It’s a smaller, but still significant victory for the Epic Games Store and their ongoing business strategy of acquiring exclusive rights to high-profile games over Steam’s historic dominance of PC digital downloads.

PC Gamer on the other hand did the research and like ourselves read through the comments saying:

Some backers are less than pleased: in the comments below the Fig update, one called the decision "deeply disappointing", adding that they would request a refund if the Steam release was delayed by more than a few months. Another commenter said that "deciding to deliberately give the middle finger to all backers by colluding with Epic is disgusting".

Which raises the question of is Epic Games the big evil and should independent studios be looking to make their games exclusive to one platform or another - even if times.

For those curious the game will be released on the Epic Games store (as mentioned a million times above) as well as the XBox Store with and I quote "additional platforms coming later" so if you're eager to play this game all is not lost unless you happen to be a backer of the game from way back when expecting a Steam key - check out the comments and the detailed article by Mobius on their Fig page here

note the comments do contain some choice language - so probably falls into the NSFW category..

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