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Subnautica Below Zero gets micro update

so the folks over at Unknown Worlds Entertainment aka the people behind the fantastic Subnautica game (if you don't love it you are heartless) have released an update for Below Zero the stand alone expansion/spinoff from the main game which looks to address a few issues with saves/loading in specific scenarios as well as fixes for the Snowfox which caused people to get stuck .. full details (quoted) below:

A small update has been released for Below Zero on the Steam, Epic, and Discord stores. This update is not a major feature release. It contains some bug fixes and improvements, and tries to fix some (but not all!) of the issues your feedback revealed after the Snowfox update.


  • Fix to prevent issues saving or loading while docked in Moonpool
  • Fix for Snowfox bug while mounting too quickly causing players to get stuck
  • Snowfox Hoverpad no longer requires power
  • World-streaming improvements to Glacial Basin & Twisty Bridges allowing for smoother in-game loading

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