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Factorio 0.17.39 Released

edited May 15 in Games

Seems like everyone has choosen today to drop updates and factorio has joined in posting it's lasted changes to the offical forums (here) the release which appears to be mostly a bug fix release does include one feature change related to the mods GUI pretty much just allowing for alphabetical ordering... changelog below (or goto link above for info


  • Fixed that hand crafting wouldn't respect the hide_from_flow_statistics property. (70655)
  • Fixed that modded GUI tables did not display borders that were set in their style.
  • Fixed the game would fail on startup if control settings were reset during migration of 0.16 config file. (70769)
  • Fixed that train stop "must be build next to rails" error was not using the name of the train stop. (70710)
  • Fixed that beam damage interval was sometimes not respected properly.
  • Fixed that beams would be immediately created and destroyed when standing very close to max range.
  • Fixed that beams would not show any animation if the target was killed in one hit. (67020)
  • Fixed that laser beams would always aim at player character's feet.
  • Fixed entity hit_visualization_box not working properly.
  • Fixed running out of memory during sprite loading was not handled gracefully. (70667)
  • Fixed a map corruption problem when creating games from scenarios that used difficulties per-entity. (69838)
  • Fixed that some Lua errors wouldn't show proper lua stack traces. (70653)
  • Fixed a crash related to reading pollution statistic values through Lua. (70801)
  • Fixed a crash resulting from building a blueprint of an assembler with a fluid recipe that is not researched yet. (70765)
  • Fixed that temporary blueprints (e.g. from the copy tool) would sometimes go to inventory instead of being destroyed. (70806)
  • Added fluid mixing check to infinity pipe. (70737)
  • Fixed that you could build rail ghosts in the basic rail tutorial. (69503)
  • Fixed special case of dragging station/condition order in the train configure GUI. (68544)
  • Fixed tightspot script error starting the round with flying text on the map. (70162)


  • Changed the mods GUI so it lists mod settings by mod alphabetically using natural ordering.

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