What is a Joolo

Joolo backstory is he’s an alien from a planet unknown which can be found somewhere in the galaxy. His favourite colour is blinding green which is great as his slimy skin happens to be almost the same colour. He’s easily confused as he has two brains one in each eye bulb and struggles to see in bright lights, his favourite food is small rodents and candy.

Joolo loves games and gaming but sadly is one of the worst players on the planet suffering many humiliating losses.

Why no Ads

I don’t see a need at present to introduce advertisements, this is a personal site not a business one and is not trying to pretend to be anything more than it is. Advertisement functionality does exist all over the site and sponsored posts are also a click away but I would prefer to keep advertisements direct and highly targeted.

I don’t promise that Joolo will never have advertisements in the future but for now it’s not required.

Why no reviews

Short Answer

Games cost money, time is limited.

Long Answer

Reviews requires either press access to games where someone from the publishing end sends code in advance of the games release to play and review the game on release day. The alternative method is pre-ordering the game so on the day it drops you have it (in many cases) pre-downloaded just awaiting activation.

As Joolo is a small site, press access rarely occurs but if you are a publisher that would like to work with us get in touch! Pre-ordering, on the other hand, can be an expensive task many AAA titles often clock into the $100-80 mark for a pre-ordered title so in a nutshell, reviews are pricey.

Finally, reviews, in my opinion, can help a game go from being on thousands of wishlists to “I’ll wait for it to be on sale” which means a sloppy review would be out of the question, developers work very hard on game titles (not the companies, the people behind the games, the actual creators) and even if it does cost money we would be idiotic and stupid to not put out a solid review that took time to properly address what the game is, it’s mechanics and everything that makes it great .. or not so great

I or whoever is reviewing the game would have to invest at least 20-30 hours before offering a properly constructed opinion of a game and sadly real life jobs are real so time is also a huge factor.

Where is Discord

I need a discount on XYZ

Search our deals section, maybe ask if anyone is aware of a deal on our Discord or tweet the publisher, this isn’t the price is right.

Can I donate games

Weird question, but sure you can donate games, ideally you would contact us first to let us know why you are donating the game i.e if you are donating a game for review purposes well see above regarding time and cost – we would not ourselves invest large sums of money to review a game and wouldnt expect you too either even if it’s us doing the write up.

I guess the best answer here would be “we welcome any form of donation, however in the realm of game donations we ask that you give us a heads up in advance”

How do I support Joolo

Joolo can be supported by literally anyone, 1-time users, fly by guests and long term members and you can support the site in way more ways than you think

  1. Visit the site – costs you nothing, makes our analytics reports look better
  2. Post a comment – gives us someone to respond too but also engages others that may have otherwise moved on, ideally commenting where no comments exist is the best way but only comment on stuff that appeals to you
  3. Follow us on social media – really only Facebook and Twitter matter as it helps build a larger target audience
  4. Discord Donation – we will never ask or push for donations, up to you. I have been on the side of having peanuts to live on so I expect nobody to donate but if you do, it’s appreciated. You get some user level on discord based on donations from memory but again if you cannot donate please consider any of the other options on the list all of them help.
  5. Don’t be a dick – As a gaming site I fully expect some back and forth, the odd friendly troll but please don’t resort to goading users into the old flame wars of yesteryear.. you have reddit for that 😉

Joolo Comment Policy Community Guidelines

A community policy is still currently being worked out – however for the time being – treat each other like humans, respect each other’s genders/races and of course religions … and as always don’t be a dick. This page will be updated when an actual community/comment policy has been created/approved.

The Community Guidelines can be found here, these are a loosely written set of guidelines to help Joolo grow and more important was written by someone with a somewhat loose brain…

I made a game, will you promote it?

Nearly every time that question is asked the answer is always, sure we will give it a whirl but promotion of a title is not advertising, which we do not offer. We will gladly post the game’s trailer, maybe open up a group for discussion, maybe retweet some stuff we like and track the game the best we can any other.

In the most simplest terms yes, of course we will do our best pass on your links and we will do what we can – no we do not want anything from you, no free keys, no cash, no future promises of anything – helping you helps us promote more new games to our users which is more than enough!

All that said, if you want to hook us up with a key or swag bag – we are not opposed to that whatsoever!

Please note that while we would love to promote every single game, in a few instances we will say no if we feel the game does not align with our community guidelines.