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Pewdiepie comments on Epic Games suing user for cheating

2 weeks 10 hours ago - 2 weeks 10 hours ago #11 by Krisstoffer
So the biggest youtuber (we have to mention he's the biggest youtuber as it's the thing to do when discussing pewds (all hail EDGAR!)) has commented on a player being sued by Epic Games for cheating, the subject matter is complicated on the basis that if the kid was just being sued for cheating then the internet would likely go for the throat of Epic Games - but it gets muddy on details when the kid is ignorant of the ramifications of his actions ...

Check out what Pewds had to say on the matter and also let us know what you think ...

Personally, the kid needs his parents to crack him upside the head and Epic Games should, in reality, go after the vendors of cheats and just screw them. Cheating isn't an inherent evil when it's a single player game as in which case you only cheat yourself however in a multiplayer game cheaters are just as bad as team killers.

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