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This forum is for gaming/computer related stuff ONLY attempting to sell anything beyond that will be rejected. We also reserved the right to reject any sales listing we disagree with without reason or rationality in basic terms we will do anything we can to ensure our members and we (Joolo) don't get shafted)

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Posting Rules

5 months 1 week ago - 5 months 1 week ago #4 by Krisstoffer
Posting Rules was created by Krisstoffer
This section has some rules that are not all that the normal when compared with the rest of the forum/site which is fairly free-flowing, but I just hate the idea of someone getting fucked over by some prick looking to make a quick buck, people (for the most part) work hard for their money so having it flushed down the drain on a useless purchase stings. That said I'm now a lawyer and more importantly, I'm not your mother/father (hopefully) so in all areas where you can use your brains please do use them, they are a very helpful organ.

So conflicting introduction to the rules aside here are the rules and AGAIN use common sense and note these rules will change as the community changes and evolves suggestions are welcome in the feedback forum
  1. Joolo should not be seen as endorsing any sale(s) that is you (the seller) may not use Joolo as a reference in your post i.e "#1 seller on Joolo" this holds true on your listing external to the site.
  2. Joolo does not sell any products, does nothing related to shipping, any sale is clearly between you and the seller, do not reach out to us asking why we have not shipped your product yet
  3. Sellers you may link to your external listing a total of 2 times on your post here on Joolo, if you are selling on more than one place then you may use 2 links per sale spot with a total of 3 sale spots (6 links) but again no more than 2 links for sales listing.
  4. Any posts that consist of the title being the product name and a link to eBay will be rejected - put some effort into your post don't turn our sales forum into a link exchange....
  5. CLEARLY define where you will be shipping too and if possible at what cost and WHO carries that cost for example a product only being sold to customers in Detriot at a flat rate of $20 which the buyer's shoulders is perfectly fine (objectively) versus a ton of questions querying the same shit over n over.)
  6. You may list your product ONCE A WEEK if it doesn't sell then you are welcome to repost - posting the same item more than once in a 7 day period will lead to the new post being held and a note being applied to your account, repeat offenders may face a 25 hour ban (not a typo, one day, 1 hour... cos we mean)
  7. Listing work on the basis of post time, ratings of listing are open to all users and replies should be treated as questions - sellers may query a moderator to ask for specific responses removed if they are disparaging to the seller and/or the listing itself i.e this is overpriced and crap best to buy X instead" would be a good example of something that we would remove
  8. You are more than welcome to post other peoples listing i.e not members of the site here, however, please make it clear you are not the seller in the listing - ideally we would prefer that those doing this are posting excellent deals and not posting things to mock and/or laugh at

I like Cake.
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