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GTA V coming to the switch ?

Poll: Will GTA V be ported to the Switch

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Yes but why
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Total number of voters: 1 ( Krisstoffer )
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2 months 4 weeks ago #10 by Krisstoffer
SO rumours abound that due to how well L.A Noire was ported to the Nintendo Switch that it's possible that a GTA V port of the hugely popular game could be making it's way to the Nintendo Switch.

While the Switch has been criticised for it's early outing as being underpowered the console has managed to push past these claims and deliver some high-quality titles and excellent gameplay as a result, likewise some older and classic titles from outside of Nintendo like the earlier highlighted L.A Noire has managed to put a new spin on an already fantastic game on the Nintendo flagship console.

So it bets the question, do you think that a GTA V port could/should be done for the Switch and what would you change given the Switch has some unique control options?

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