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Yes, the forums are empty that's what happens when new forums go up they tend to start out blank. I'm not a huge fan of paying for posts to kick start things so I'll post when I can and encourage everyone else to do the same. A post a day fills the forums in no time... so step to it.

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It should be said that I will respond to nearly all these posts, within reason and while not all ideas are good ideas, not all good ideas can be used for numerous reasons so lets keep it cool and calm and try not to lose our cookies if the idea is rejected tho you are encouraged to push for your ideas as a community.

Joolo "in" facebook

3 weeks 6 days ago #5 by Krisstoffer
So this was suggested by someone recently via a twitter DM basically getting the trailers inside facebook but allowing people to navigate beyond the trailers so they can still play around with the site. That's been done now so if you are on our Facebook page and click the Trailers tab.. thats this site in Facebook .. is it in or on..

Anyhow it was a neat idea, it doesn't work perfectly and forces a mobile view but it does enough of a decent job to be worth using for now although if we see it's hurting the site in terms of usability then plan B will be put into place.

Oddly all does seem to work include sessions as I was able to post this post via Facebook so .. yay .. for those that live in Facebook life just got a little easier and for the rest of us .. it's an option.

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