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Hitman on Xbox One X is a beast

3 weeks 1 day ago #8 by Krisstoffer
So a little bit of news from Eurogamer who did a breakdown of Interactives popular game Hitman, the article (found here ) they note that while the PlayStation 4 version introduced "improved performance, a 1440p resolution bump and a little while later, full HDR support" the Xbox One X version is a whole other beast offering what quickly appears to be becoming the normal for the Xbox One X - two modes.

A performance mode which focuses on decent visuals but over and above all ... a smooth gameplay experience and then on the flipside a visual mode which makes games look draw droppingly good.

high quality mode and a high frame-rate mode. The former renders out the game at a full, native 4K, with a subtle pass of temporal anti-aliasing on top. The high performance mode targets 60fps, but does so with a 1440p resolution as opposed to the standard 1080p deployed in similar modes in Rise of the Tomb Raider and Gears of War 4. (direct quote from article)

Probably best to read over the original article but thought it was worth sharing, I haven't played this Hitman due to a game backlog but have seen videos and it does look very impressive, do you own the game? and an Xbox One X .. care to share any screenshots between the two modes?

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