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Destiny 2 Server Maintenance

Destiny 2 fans will likely be both happy and sad at the latest update to Destiny 2, sad as Bungle have announced that the servers for Destiny 2 will be going down for extended maintenance and happy as it relates to bringing new fixes and improvements to the already popular game

Destiny 2 Server Maintenance

Bungle have posted here that the Destiny Servers will be offline on Wednesday, January 3rd from 7 AM Pacific time (1500 UTC) and users will no longer be able to log into Destiny 2 and the maintenance will start. As of 8 AM Pacific (1600 UTC), Players will in Destiny 2 activities will be returned to the title screen and finally at 12 AM Pacific (2000 UTC) The scheduled maintenance should be over with and users will then be prompted to download the Destiny 2 Hotfix

The timing of the update seems a little off with perhaps new players that have received the game as a present being hit the most as not only will they have had to download updates since first release but now nearly half a day offline plus an update to download when it does come back up and the return to school clock rapidly ticking down although as it's only a hot patch to the previously released "The one after the curse of Osiris" the updaye itself shouldnt hurt all that much.

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