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Hideaki Itsuno tweet hints at latest game in final stages.

Hideaki Itsuno the director behind the Devil May Cry series of games has sent out a tweet (below) wishing his followers a happy new year and hinting that a new game is reaching "climax" which has immediately sparked conversation that we could soon see Devil May Cry V

It's been suggested for a few years now that Devil May Cry 5 or V depending on how you prefer your games named... is coming to the next generation of consoles but will be a PlayStation exclusive, although some of the comments on his tweet have suggested it could be a new fighting game which Hideaki has hinted at in the past suggesting he would like to bring a fighting game to the new age of players that re-captures some of the magic Street Fighter II had back in its hayday

So what would you like to see this game be: DMC, a new fighting game? or perhaps a followup to Dragon's Dogma, let us know as always! In the comments below

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