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Jacksepticeye Raises $224,000 for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Logan Paul damaged not only his own reputation but also put Youtube's and it's publishers (video creators) under a negative spotlight for not only his trip to the "suicide forest" but his entire Japan trip making people cringe and verbally vomit all around the world. It's not all doom and gloom however as Jacksepticeye who ended the year (prior to the Japan incident) discussing with his many fans how youtube had changed and it's no longer what it once was being much more cutthroat managed to use Logan Pauls stupidy to create something positive from the whole thing raising near $224,000 for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Jacksepticeye for those who don't know is known for his high octane videos with lots of shouting, loudness and of course Irishness however when he's not loud, full of energy and Irish he is one of the most prominent Youtubers on the platform with 17 Million subscribers. Jack aimed for $50'000 in donations however within 27 minutes the charity stream (below) had already reached the halfway point and with a long, long way to go it was very clear very quickly that people are aware that suicide is a serious issue

Just to clear things up, I promised myself when I started working on this site that I would avoid drama and as such the Logan Paul thing is a massive "drama" (term used loosely, LP is an ass clown and deserves a kicking) however given that he (Jacksepticeye) spent 8 1/2 hours streaming, donated $10'000 of his own money towards the cause it AND because donations are still open it felt like it was worth publishing to help in some small way get those donations clocking higher.

You can check out the full charity stream below but more importantly, you can donate at https://tiltify.com/@jacksepticeye/jacksepticeye-january-charity-livestream. So if you can donate, please do and help raise funds and awareness for a worthwhile cause.

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