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Youtubers unhappy Nintendo

However recently the issue has been raised about Nintendo's relationship with streamers/youtubers as noted on Polygon (source) popular Youtuber videogamedunkey whom has over 4 million subscribers and 1.3 billion views recently did a video reviewing one of the biggest titles of the year Super Mario Odyssey and it was as he seemingly expected the video to be demonetized yet posted it anyway and some 4 million views later it must feel like a bit of a kick in the pants - and worst yet based on the video he seems to have really enjoyed the game giving it a glowing review.

It's been quite some time now since Nintendo announced the whole Nintendo's Creators Program which caused a bit of a stir and ended up leading to a lot of Youtubers simply not bothering to stream Nintendo's own games due to the videos being claimed or finding that the NCP just was not for them.

The response to the above has been far and large with many jumping in again on the Nintendo vs streamers issue with some of the biggest Gaming/Youtubers calling out Nintendo again including uber-popular gamer Boogie2988. The issue as a whole comes from Nintendo feeling they should be paid by the creators of the video making use of their games/assets and it's not a small margin of payment either should you join the program (see section 5 of the Nintendo Creators Program link above). It's an interesting issue and one that other companies seem to be happy sitting back and letting Nintendo figure out - the issue arrives if Nintendo's logic is applied by other publishers, for example, Activsion and Ubisoft alone could make youtube a very awkward platform for gamers to broadcast on.

It does beg the question do these big streamers really have a right to complain or like many of them suggest them playing the games alone can lead to spokes in sales ergo they are for the most part already doing the company a huge favour - this issue was pointed out (ish) by pewdiepie himself during his issues with the Firewatch developer (which ended up with it's steam revies attracting some hugely horrid reviews)

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