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Fortnite 1.10 New limited time mode

In our last post for Fortnite (this one) we summarized some of the changes the Fortnite team wished to bring to the game and now some of those changes have leaked down into the 1.10 release including new characters for Xbox One players, improvements for console players in general and the much awaited requested new inventory UI

Fortnite 1.10 new xbox characters

As per the normal for Fortnite releases these posts can be rather large and are broken down into multiple pages so you get simple get to the bit that interests you the most and skip the fluff in the middle, that said let us know in the comments what you think of this release, it's a big one for console users

The Game Awards

So The Game Awards takes center stage on Decembet 7th at 1900 PST and Fortnite has been nominated for Best Multiplayer title of 2017 which if you think across the whole of 2017 will be a fairly competitive category it'll be going up against Call of Duty: World War II, Splatoon 2, Mari Kart 8 Deluxe, Destiny 2 and the big competition PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. (which is also nominated for Game of the Year)

I'll likely write a forum post with my predictions for the game awards but if you want to note it's almost upon us so now would be the best time to get those last minute votes and share your love for your favourite game(s)

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