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Fortnite 1.10 New limited time mode

In our last post for Fortnite (this one) we summarized some of the changes the Fortnite team wished to bring to the game and now some of those changes have leaked down into the 1.10 release including new characters for Xbox One players, improvements for console players in general and the much awaited requested new inventory UI

Fortnite 1.10 new xbox characters

The Big Changes

New (free) Heroes for Xbox One

So this time around the big changes are as mentioned above the introduction of Xbox One exclusive Heroes which will be free which is always nice, but they are predictably green so you won't exactly be hiding the fact you are an Xbox One player should you opt to go with one of the new Heroes.

Xbox one heroes

Battle Royale - New Inventory

So we mentioned on this article: Future of Fortnite Battle Royale laid out that a new inventory system was coming to the Battle Royale game mode which was more in line with what users would feel comfortable with not just because it gives you a field of view (you can see whats coming) while you are in the inventory but because it gives a clean and clear overview of what you have and what the statistics for that item are making weapon choices when you are a little unsure what packs more punch that little easier

The Fortnite team are eager for feedback on this change (and we are too, hit us up in the comments) so let them know what you think

Xbox One & PlayStation 4 Notes

While these may not have been at the top of the Fortnite post, they are pretty high here as at least for Xbox users on a slow connection (me) this is going to string a little and for the PlayStation users an issue exists related to downloads falsely hanging

Xbox Patches

The last couple of releases of Fortnite I have been blessed in that the updates were server updates and did not require any client (game) updates however this is not the case this time seems in an effort to make patches for the Xbox smaller in the future a 10GB (ish) patch will be issued this time around so in the future it should reduce the size of updates which have floated between 1.5-2.5(ish)GB in the past, so I won't be playing tonight

Playstation 4 issues

Based on the way I interpreted this issue it's related to the PlayStation downloading files but taking an age to "install" (they used the term "complete" I assume they are one and the same) however for a user it appears as if the download itself has hung with many users restarting the process and/or the console. A fix is seemingly on route to address this issue but in the meantime, you are advised to let the process finish normally

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