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Fortnite 1.10 New limited time mode

In our last post for Fortnite (this one) we summarized some of the changes the Fortnite team wished to bring to the game and now some of those changes have leaked down into the 1.10 release including new characters for Xbox One players, improvements for console players in general and the much awaited requested new inventory UI

Fortnite 1.10 new xbox characters

As per the normal for Fortnite releases these posts can be rather large and are broken down into multiple pages so you get simple get to the bit that interests you the most and skip the fluff in the middle, that said let us know in the comments what you think of this release, it's a big one for console users

The Game Awards

So The Game Awards takes center stage on Decembet 7th at 1900 PST and Fortnite has been nominated for Best Multiplayer title of 2017 which if you think across the whole of 2017 will be a fairly competitive category it'll be going up against Call of Duty: World War II, Splatoon 2, Mari Kart 8 Deluxe, Destiny 2 and the big competition PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. (which is also nominated for Game of the Year)

I'll likely write a forum post with my predictions for the game awards but if you want to note it's almost upon us so now would be the best time to get those last minute votes and share your love for your favourite game(s)

The Big Changes

New (free) Heroes for Xbox One

So this time around the big changes are as mentioned above the introduction of Xbox One exclusive Heroes which will be free which is always nice, but they are predictably green so you won't exactly be hiding the fact you are an Xbox One player should you opt to go with one of the new Heroes.

Xbox one heroes

Battle Royale - New Inventory

So we mentioned on this article: Future of Fortnite Battle Royale laid out that a new inventory system was coming to the Battle Royale game mode which was more in line with what users would feel comfortable with not just because it gives you a field of view (you can see whats coming) while you are in the inventory but because it gives a clean and clear overview of what you have and what the statistics for that item are making weapon choices when you are a little unsure what packs more punch that little easier

The Fortnite team are eager for feedback on this change (and we are too, hit us up in the comments) so let them know what you think

Xbox One & PlayStation 4 Notes

While these may not have been at the top of the Fortnite post, they are pretty high here as at least for Xbox users on a slow connection (me) this is going to string a little and for the PlayStation users an issue exists related to downloads falsely hanging

Xbox Patches

The last couple of releases of Fortnite I have been blessed in that the updates were server updates and did not require any client (game) updates however this is not the case this time seems in an effort to make patches for the Xbox smaller in the future a 10GB (ish) patch will be issued this time around so in the future it should reduce the size of updates which have floated between 1.5-2.5(ish)GB in the past, so I won't be playing tonight

Playstation 4 issues

Based on the way I interpreted this issue it's related to the PlayStation downloading files but taking an age to "install" (they used the term "complete" I assume they are one and the same) however for a user it appears as if the download itself has hung with many users restarting the process and/or the console. A fix is seemingly on route to address this issue but in the meantime, you are advised to let the process finish normally

Battle Royale 1.10 Changes


  • Decreased chance of getting Bandages from Treasure Chests and Supply Drops by 35%.
  • Reduced aim assist on controllers.
    • This should make it easier to lead targets with Sniper Rifles.
    • The updated aim assist system allows us to iterate easily. Let us know how you think we can improve aim assist.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved network priority for doors, which reduces the likelihood of seeing players run through a closed door.
  • Improved network priority for chests, which reduces the likelihood of them appearing to remain closed for a short time after opening them.
  • Players will no longer fall through the world if they are eliminated while jumping.
  • Gliders will no longer deploy if a player uses a Launch Pad in the DBNO state.
  • Player will no longer jitter while falling and skydiving.
  • Dancing no longer goes on cooldown if it fails to play.
  • Chests in attics no will longer spawn loot on roofs or outside walls.
  • Fixed an issue which caused players to sometimes survive fatal fall damage with 1 HP.
  • Fixed an issue causing teammates names to jitter.
  • Fixed an error message that players would sometimes receive when being invited to a BR match when they hadn’t completed the Save the World tutorial mission yet.


  • Removed tracers from the silenced SMG.
  • Sniper Rifles no longer reload while in scoped view.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which prevented grenades from exploding.
  • Fixed an issue which caused crosshairs to disappear if a Sniper Rifle was fired right before the Battle Bus took off. 
  • Fixed several issues with the Smoke Grenade effect:
    • Smoke effects now appear the same in and out of the Storm.
    • Players can no longer see through smoke effects when using a scope from within the smoke.
    • Players will no longer experience a “flash” effect when multiple smoke grenades go off at once. 


  • Reduced volume for ambient trap sounds, and made them less frequent.
  • Added a new warning sound that activates when a player approaches a ceiling or wall trap.
  • Teammate footsteps now sound quieter than enemies.
  • If you are spectating a player, their footsteps are quieter.
  • Added different footstep sounds for wood, stone, metal, and dirt/grass surfaces.
  • It’s now easier to hear footsteps through walls.
  • Added "terminal velocity" wind sound when falling from large heights, and impact/pain sounds for when taking damage from falling.
  • Increased the audio range for the sniper gunshot from 180m to 250m.
  • Reduced gunshot sound volume for tactical shotguns. (Does not affect audio range)
  • Reduced volume of revolver equip/reload/fire sounds. 
  • New sounds for Medkit, Shield Potion, and Slurp Juice consumables.
  • It is now easier to hear the sound of an another player gliding towards you after using a Launch Pad.
  • All audio for the dance emote is now adjusted with the SFX slider instead of Music.
  • Wind volume reacts more dynamically while skydiving or using a glider/umbrella.
  • Removed low-frequency content in the "ticking clock" sound that plays prior to the storm eye shrinking. 
    • These frequencies could have previously been mistaken for footsteps while running.


  • Improved general framerate when multiple characters are nearby.
  • Improved server performance by reducing the number of redundant movement events sent from clients.
  • Improved Xbox One rendering by reducing CPU stalls.
  • Improved performance when rendering lighting and shadows.
  • Improved performance when rendering bushes and other clutter objects.
  • Improved game thread performance by converting more game logic BPs to C++.
  • Improved UI performance.
  • Improved PhysX performance.
  • Improved CPU performance on Xbox One and Windows by tweaking thread priorities.
  • Improved performance of particle systems by adding batching.
  • Improved performance of animation trail effects and particles.
  • Improved performance when using the glider.
  • Optimized particles associated with players/weapons.
  • Optimized audio for the safe zone indicator.
  • Tweaked how often animations update and optimized many other animation systems.
  • Reduced general hitching by optimizing garbage collection of objects loaded within memory.
  • Reduced network bandwidth used when spawning players in a squad match.
  • Fixed a server performance issue caused by building actors that moved every frame.
  • Fixed a server performance issue where rubber banding could be caused when jumping out of the Battle Bus.
  • Fixed various hitches that could occur during gameplay.


  • You can now view your personal stats and XP gained at the end of a match or when spectating. 
  • You can now choose to abandon one of your Daily Challenges each day.
  • Added “Net Debug Stats” panel to the Battle Royale UI. 
    • This can be enabled by going to Settings > Game > HUD > Net Debug Stats 
    • This setting displays ping, bandwidth, packets per second, and packet loss for both uploading and downloading. 
    • If you haven't received a packet from the server in more than 1 second, the UI will also display a “Connection Lost” warning.
    • Currently this is only available on Windows and Mac platforms, but we hope to enable it on consoles in a future update!
  • Added the option to send a friend invite to squadmates on the Spectator and Victory screens (PC/Mac only.)
  • Added some look-and-feel polish to the matchmaking buttons.
  • Added a warning message that activates when players attempt to disguise themselves as a bush while already disguised.
  • Replaced the 60-second warm up timer with "Waiting for Players"
  • Increased the size of the large map so it takes up more screen space when open.
  • The revive timer now shows the revive progress for both keyboard and controller players

Bug Fixes

  • Sensitivity sliders for the mouse and gamepad will now stop at 0.1 instead of 0.0.
  • Disconnected squadmates will now remain on the HUD and will be listed as “Disconnected.”
  • Character models inspected in Save the World will no longer be displayed in the Locker tab.
  • The Up button on the D-Pad no longer closes the inventory tab while using the Pro Controller layout.
  • Settings will now properly save when players apply them and back out of the settings menu quickly.
  • Added descriptions to equipped items in the Locker tab.
  • Storm zone graphics will no longer flicker when the storm begins to close in.
  • You can now report players that have unicode and Chinese characters in their names.
  • Fixed the timers on the Global Wins leaderboard.
  • When knocked down by the storm, the elimination message will now properly read: 
    • [PLAYER] was knocked down by the storm.


Bug Fixes

  • Smoke grenade effects are now visible to spectators when watching a player within the smoke.
  • Fixed bug where teammates could be invisible while spectating them.
  • Scope visuals will no longer be stuck on screen while switching between players in spectate mode.


  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when backing out to the Main Menu.

Save The World 1.10 Changes

  • Xbox One Exclusive Heroes 
    • Xbox Exclusive heros are granted to all players who have purchased a Founders Pack on Xbox.
    • Players will receive all 4 exclusive heroes after completing the quest "Loot Llamas". This is the same point most other Founders items are granted.
    • Players who have already completed the quest will receive each heroes as they login.
  • Heroes:
    • Soldier: Commando Renegade
    • Constructor: Guardian Knox
    • Ninja: Jade Assassin Sarah
    • Outlander: Trailblazer Jess


  • Increased effective range of the Vindertech Scoped Handcannon from 7.5 to 8 tiles, decreased damage from 62 to 56 and impact from 100 to 90 to rebalance accordingly.
  • The “Head Explosion” alteration now scales up with the player's Tech attribute and Hero Level, rather than dealing a flat percentage of the player’s weapon damage.

Bug Fixes

  • Using the incorrect resource type when trying to build a blueprint (such as “Build the Radar Towers”) will now properly show as red instead of blue.
  • Vindertech weapons will use Crystal Energy and Ore Energy recipes as intended in the Crafting Recipes sheet.
  • All recycled world items will now be removed from your inventory before the resulting items are added, reducing the chance of overflow dropping items on the ground.
  • Tracks in “Deliver the Bomb” can now be placed where quest props or Outlander Fragments are. 
    • The cart will now pass through quest props and Outlander fragments so they won’t block players from using more direct routes.
  • Added the missing quest update from a Durrrburger restaurant in the city.
  • Picking up multiple items at once will no longer cause items to stretch into the player’s backpack and hang around for long periods.
  • Vindertech weapons no longer give Blast Powder when disassembled.
  • Legendary Hydraulic Hammers and Spears now correctly use Legendary level crafting requirements instead of Epic level crafting requirements.
  • Fixed an issue which caused items that are picked up to fall off the map and be destroyed.
    • Instead of being destroyed, they will be transported to their owner (if there is one) or to the closest player.
  • Fixed an issue which caused Floor Healing Traps to not take up inventory space.
  • Fixed an issue which resulted in transformation keys turning into a different item than intended.
  • Fixed an issue which caused some containers to become permanently highlighted.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Head Clipper Spear to have an incorrect tier 1 power rating.


  • Added 5 new daily discovery quests. Explore the zones to find specific locations.
  • Drone Salvage activity now auto starts after 20 seconds if nobody starts it earlier. 
    • Players can now build around the crash site before it lands. The structures will take damage, so plan wisely.
  • New map icons have been added for all secondary activities to make it easier to locate the activities you want to play. 
  • You now only need to find missing modules during “Repair the Shelter” missions.
  • Mutant Storm Mission Alerts no longer spread. Instead, the number of Mission Alerts available at a time are set to a fixed target number.
    • Stonewood: 5
    • Plankerton: 15
    • Canny Valley: 15
    • Twine Peaks: 15
  • Mutant Storm Mission Alert quota remains unchanged at 10 per day.

Bug Fixes

  • The Epic Troll Stash quest now completes upon opening the chest.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a rare crash on shutdown related to online cleanup.
  • Fixed Xbox One Rich-Presence text not updating in the Party Finder window.
  • Fixed an issue which caused an error to appear when accepting invites from a suspended state on Xbox One.


  • Added an option to logout from the Main Menu on PC and Mac.
  • When comparing items, stat rows are now colored green or red based on which item's stats are better.
  • When upgrading items, the stat change arrows are oriented based on whether the stats are higher, but the arrow colors are still based on whether stats are better.

Bug Fixes

  • Clarified the pickup interact failure reason for M80s and bottle rockets, which are limited to a single stack in the backpack.
  • Improved friend invite menu flow when in game.
  • Larger stacks of items that are otherwise identical will now consistently sort before smaller stacks.
  • Rescued survivors will no longer appear as items in the backpack during play.
  • Fixed the bug where the item pickup notification might show the incorrect count.
  • Schematic craftability is now properly refreshed after any change to backpack space.
  • The Skills page alert will no longer appear for skill nodes that cannot be purchased.
  • The Pickaxe Damage stat now correctly displays the effects of the "Work, Work" support perk.
  • Corrected the interaction indicator HUD visibility toggle to control the proper HUD element.
  • Fixed a few graphical issues that occurred when selecting a mission region.
  • Fixed an issue which caused user options would not be saved.
  • Fixed some text that was cut off in the menus.
  • Fixed headshot damage display in the detailed stats menu.


  • Updated art for the SEE-Bot and Hidden module found in Repair the Shelter missions to match the new models and animation.
  • Updated art for the Med-Bot module found in Wounded Survivor missions to match the new models and animation.


  • Multiple-in-one Upgrade Llamas now sell 25% off!
  • Updated quest titles for the Stonewood Storm Shield Defenses 1 through 10.

Undocumented Changes

Fortnite Team opted to throw in a little twist with this release and included changes in this release that they say missed the last release log but are server side changes so here we go

Bug Fixes

  • Scavenger Assault Rifle - Base damage reduced from 33 to 28, and impact from 87 to 73
  • Buzzcut - Base damage reduced from 36 to 30, and impact from 95 to 80
  • Scavenger Semi-Auto Shotgun - Base damage reduced from 149 to 124, and impact from 528 to 440
  • Husk Buster - Base damage reduced from 162 to 135, and impact from 576 to 480
  • Epic Halloween heroes now have epic stats instead of legendary stats.
  • Traps no longer set off propane tanks. This allows players more control over when the propane tank explodes and will prevent the explosion from damaging the players own traps.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Element+Affliction weapon perks to display as a common “grey” rarity perk. The colour now reflects the correct rarity of the perk. This was purely a visual change and had no effect on the chance of the bonus being rolled.

So it's another huge release and I don't really have time to go over everything as I need to go cry about my 10GB update on the Xbox One .. then grab my free hero and of course check if the dance bug is fixed or not, let us know what you think in the forums, comments or on social media!

Edits: Shockingly I forgot this the original notes can be found here and the new limited time mode will be revealed at the game awards....yep

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