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Fortnite 1.11 Update

Normally we go a little nuts here on Joolo with our Fortnite updates but a quick glance at the news will tell you just how much we have posted on this game recently so we won't be doing the usual look at our post thing on social media or going all out to get eyes on this post if anything here is the release notes - enjoy! We still love Fortnite but other games need love too, remember kids a game is not just for Christmas

Fortnite 1.11 Update

Normally I would break this post down into multiple pages outlining the big changes, the changelog for both game modes and offer some insight into my thinking along the way, however this time around I have posted the game notes on the Fortnite Gamer group (save the world changes / battle royale changes). Our community is currently open to the public so everyone should be able to take a look but why not sign up - it's free of advertisements and costs nada and if enough people do it, I can stop complaining about it!

The Big Stuff

Battle Royale Season 2 - Battle Pass

Battle Royale Season 2 kicks off on Dec. 14th ending on Feb 20th, Season 2 will be free but if you want to get some extra cosmetic loot you can buy the battle pass and level it up by playing, successfully and the better you do the more you'll get video below explaining the above

Save the World - Event Store

Yet another way to help you spend those precious vCoiins you worked so hard to earn or purchased, it's not all bad as you can use the event store to get your collection completed or like most people - get that new gun you wanted to blow some husk heads apart.

event store

Save the World - New Inventory

This one is actually a big one that I personally did think was coming in the previous release as it was mentioned in Future of Fortnite Battle Royale laid out but alas nothing came of that then when Fortnite 1.10 came out the inventory had only been finished for the battle royale game mode which was a little bit meh but on the other hand, Battle Royale's inventory is incredibly light and simplistic compared to the one of Save the World so forgiveable

I suspect anyone that plays the Save the World game mode for more than a few levels will tell you how frustrating it is to have to jump into a mission (even if just a storm shield one with no enemies) just to review your backpack + storage - crafting on a global level however is not supported but is coming soon so another one to look forward to!

Save the World - Survive the Holidays

This looks like a good event thats just as large in stature as the Fortnitemares event for the Haloween period was - although personally, I'll be more thankful for shooting husks in bad Christmas jumpers than I am for finding the vampire ghost ghoul things in the coffins. The event has new weapons, new tickets which leads to new loot Llamas, new husks, new survive the storm mode .. a lot of changes, read the changes log link above!

So thats it for this Fortnite update we hope you enjoy this way of formatting the post, if not let us know why and what ideas you have regarding how I should post these up - if at all!, the original article aka the source can be found here on the Epic Games website. As always let us know what you think in the comments below or in the public forums. If you'd like more trailers join our community which gets around 10 new trailers posted daily!

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