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Fortnite 1.8.2 - The Bush, Season shop and more

So we have a lot of Fortnite news today starting with the new update which is version 1.8.2 this update makes changes to Save the World and Battle Royale but with so much coming along with this update .. this post has been divided up into digestable bits so you only need to read through the releted to you parts

Fortnite 1.8.2 - The Bush

Battle Royale Breakdown of Changes

The changes are extensive and if you happen to be a shotgun player something to take note of would be that in range of 7.68 meters the shotgun is deadly likewise at 18 meters it'll still do 70% damage however beyond that it starts to drop drastically to the point at 41 meters it'll do no damage at all and 30 meters only comes out at 20% damage - most of this should go without saying as shotguns are an up close and personal weapon on most games

Beyond those changes their isnt much to talk about that flirts roaming into the world of getting too technical until we get to the Bush and the Season shop, The Bush is likely going to be a Streamers wet dream if it can be pulled off perfectly. The new consumable is not without risk however and won't be something that everyone will run into - as noted on the Epic games Fortnite site this is a breakdown of what the bush is and isn't

  • The Bush consumable camouflages the player as an inconspicuous bush.
  • The Bush is a one-time use item that is destroyed if the player wearing it takes any damage, including damage from the storm.
  • The Bush can only be found in chests and supply drops.
  • Legendary rarity.

Lastly on the this game mode we have the season show which allows you to buy outfits, which are more about your player looking good as they add nothing beyong looks to your charecters

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