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Fortnite 1.8.2 - The Bush, Season shop and more

So we have a lot of Fortnite news today starting with the new update which is version 1.8.2 this update makes changes to Save the World and Battle Royale but with so much coming along with this update .. this post has been divided up into digestable bits so you only need to read through the releted to you parts

Fortnite 1.8.2 - The Bush

Save The World Breakdown of Changes

The changes for Save the world don't feel quite as extensive but we still get a few for this more with the Fortnitemares getting a Play Now button added, a fix for weak points now appearing while harvesting and of course Ramirez's ponytail will vanish no more

All in all it's quite a weak change list for the save the world mode but with the hype of Battle Royale still being very real and very big it's understandable that the main game mode will take the back seat.. for now...

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