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Fortnite 1.9.1 - Smoke Grenades & Vindertech Weapons

So Fortnite 1.9.1 has arrived and thankfully it's a server side update so no downloading of massive assets required, unless however you happen to own an Xbox One X in which case you may (unconfirmed) have to download 4K assets as Fortnite is now taking full advantage of all the extra juice the Xbox One X has to offer. Additionally, for the Battle Royale mode we see the debut of the smoke grenade a none lethal distraction to help you get out of sticky situations or distract the enemy long enough for you to sneak up behind them and shotgun them to bits!

Fortnite 1.9.1

Battle Royale - Big Changes

So the big changes for Battle Royale include the new none lethal smoke grenade, as I'm a little late with this post I have had the opportunity to see this one in action already via various youtubers, for example, Wizzite (popular youtuber and Fortnite player from England) has already used this effectively to get into situations and get out of it.

The additional big change is a new leaderboard system

Global Wins

A global leaderboard spotlighting the top 50 players for the selected match type. Measured by wins.


Measured by the amount of total experience gained.

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